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    Media Impressions

    Managed Evaluation Funds

    Collaborative Partners

    National Regions



    Federal Program Acquisitions

    Working alongside Government Officials to Execute High-Level, Population Based Initiatives



    & Planning

    State & Local Program Management & Evaluation

    Assisting State and Local Health Departments Implement and Evaluate Chronic Disease Programs

    Non-Profit & Charity

    Pro Bono Consulting

    Health IT &

    EMR Conversion

    Providing EMR services to rural and urban healthcare providers, thereby enhancing overall physician capabilitties for increased 

    care and health outcomes.

    ICON Health Communication

    Traditional Media is a thing of the past, make sure your marketing mix encompasses eye-catching digital assets in order to harness the true power of your creative

    Non-profit consulting is at the heart of everything we do. Inquire today on our pro-bono services across health and education programs.

    Our in-house communications team is well equipped to manage mutli-level strategic marketing initiatives, big and small. 




    ICON | Health work spans across numerous federal and private sector agencies. We pride ourselves on being known for high quality work, providing keen insight and timely feedback to our clients. Institutional wisdom is our invaluable asset, the intangible difference between mediocre results and actualized potential.


    If you've worked with an ICON before, you'll understand, there is a difference... 


    ICON Health Pediatrics 

    ICON | Health proudly announces the launch of ICON Health Pediatrics, an added level of healthcare services to our Health and Wellness Division. This new endeavor will allow ICON | Health to influence chronic and systematic health disparities that tend to plague specific audiences, at the individual level. Low Quality of Life, Restrained Access to Fair Economic and Job Opportunities, and the Nationwide Educational Achievement Gap are oftentimes attributed to an individual's Social Determinants of Health. Although healthcare represents only one primary component across this continuum, pairing traditional medicine within our Public Health and Education Consulting practice allows ICON | Health to leverage impact of Federal and State level programs, improving overall R.O.I. 

    We've partnered with top physicians across the SouthEast to launch in 6 States, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas, with further expansion planned for Spring 2023 across NorthEast US and the California Coast. 

    Kids with Capes

    Current Job Openings

    with ICON | Health.

    We're hiring... be sure to inquire on several contingent, temp., and permanent positions with ICON Health, as well as national listings for RNs & CNAs. 

    Program Directors | Senior and Mid-Level Managers | Evaluation Subject Matter Experts, click here, to submit resume an email inquiry on several positions.  

    Job Interview

    Corporate Wellness & More with John Hancock

    ICON | Health has joined forces with John Hancock, Inc. to develop corporate wellness initiatives for small business owners seeking to add value to current compensation packages. Growing as a small business oftentimes means less cash, however there are creative ways to incentivize and retain top employees. John Hancock's Vitality for Small Business Program offers such benefits.


    "Health and Wealth are intrinsically connected. Our goal is to communicate this to employees of small business owners and assist where needed in building a strong case for retention." - Jessica Friar, VP of Corporate Benefits, ICON | Health.

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    Washington, DC

    Oakland, CA

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